Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Say It Right The First Time


Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi
Section I:Your Power and How It Impacts People
1. 100% Accountability: 3

Harnessing the Power of Your Words
2. The Key to the Kingdom: 31
How to Capture Discretionary Effort
and Build Accountability
3. Your Power, Your Position, and Its Impact: 57
How to Gain Trust and Create Alignment
Section II: Your Words and How They Trigger Action or Reaction
4. The Black Hole: 79
How to Make Your Point So What You
Say Is What They Hear
5. 15 Irritating Word Habits: 111
How They Trigger Reaction and What to Do About It
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6. When Your Words Get You in Trouble: 137
How to Recover Quickly and Prevent a Repeat Performance
Section III: Your Words and How They Inspire or Derail
7. Talking Straight Responsibly: 171
How to Be Direct and Handle People Who Are Not
8. Commitments with Integrity: 207
How to Replace Casual Promises with Real Ownership
9. Holding People Accountable: 239
How to Demand the “Best in Performance” and Get It
Index 283

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