Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Expert Resumes For Career Changers 2013

This book, the seventh in the Expert Resumes series, has been one of the most
challenging to write because it covers such a large and diverse audience. There are,
however, several common denominators facing every individual who is interested
in making a career change, either within their profession or to another industry. In
summary, the fact that you are seeking to change careers will dictate almost everything
that you write in your resume, how you write it, and where it is positioned.
Your goal is to paint a picture of the “new” you and not simply reiterate what you
have done in the past, expecting a prospective employer to figure out that you can
do the “new” thing just as well. It simply does not work that way!
If you fall into the career-changer category, the critical questions you must ask
yourself about your resume and your job search are the following:
• How are you going to paint a picture of the “new” you? What are you
going to highlight about your past experience that ties directly to your current
objectives? What accomplishments, skills, and qualifications are you going to
“sell” in your resume to support your “new” career objective?

• What resume format are you going to use? Is a chronological, functional, or
hybrid resume format going to work best for you? Which format will give you
the greatest flexibility to highlight the skills you want to bring to the forefront
in support of your career change?
• Where are you going to look for a job? Assuming you know the type of
position and industry you want to enter at this point in your career, how are
you going to identify and approach those companies?
When you can answer the how, what, and where, you’ll be prepared to write your
resume and launch your search campaign. Use chapters 1 through 3 to guide you
in developing the content for your resume and selecting the appropriate design
and layout. Your resume should focus on your skills, achievements, and qualifications,
demonstrating the value and benefit you bring to a prospective employer as
they relate to your current career goals. The focus is on the “new” you and not
necessarily what you have done professionally in the past.
Review the sample resumes in chapters 4 through 12 to see what other people
have done—people in similar situations to yours and facing similar challenges.
You’ll find interesting formats, unique skills presentations, achievement-focused
resumes, project-focused resumes, and much more. Most importantly, you’ll see
samples written by the top resume writers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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