Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Career And Education Web Sites A Quick Guide To Online Job Search eBook

About This Book

Our educational and job choices affect our lives profoundly, because we
all seek a career path that supports us both personally and financially.
Although some of us come out of school fixed on a particular career and
others shift gears several times over a working lifetime, we all look for the
same sort of satisfaction from our work.

As you embark on your career or prepare to change careers, you need
to ask yourself a number of questions:
What education or training do I need to get the career I want?
How do I decide on the career—and employer—that is right
for me?
How do I decide on the school or lifelong learning opportunities
that are right for me?
How do I pay for my education?
Where do I investigate other options, such as the military,
freelancing, or starting my own business?
The Web sites in this book have been carefully chosen to help you
answer these questions, giving you the tools and information you need to
take control of your educational and career path. Skip to the sections that
apply to you and your individual goals, and explore the different choices
available. There’s a wide world of information out there, and it’s up to
you to take advantage of it!

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